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Orient services

Oriental current pre-sale service's main content

 pre-market after-sales service

Maintenance Oriental brand quality and good reputation, our company will be with the high quality service attitude, consistent service enthusiasm, for the majority of customers to provide the most satisfactory service

pre-sale service:

According to customer needs, provide relevant equipment technical material, for customer preliminary selection and understand our factory equipment related performance to assist customers to plant completes the incoming test performance analysis equipment finalize the design configuration choice to provide equipment structure arrangement foundation positioning drawing material, so that customers as the selected equipment prior to do a good job in basic preparation work.
    (1) equipment type selection.
    (2) According to customer's special requirements, design and manufacture of products.
    (3) for customer training technical personnel.
    (4) the free pie engineering and technical personnel to customer site planning site for the user the optimal design of the process and scheme.

help from salespeople

Once a contract become effective, will strictly enforce the terms of the contract, in order to quality first as the principle, production process always implement the ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system requirements and often and customers keep technical cohesion and contact, to ensure the delivery of the products to meet customer production technology quality requirements.

after-sale service

Our factory after many years of development and efforts, has established a set of perfect service system, has one batch of technologies skilled serious and responsible work thought personal character excellent installation and debugging, including mechanical technicians nearly 96, full-time and debugging 50, can provide users with timely quality service.
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