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Honeycomb Briquette Machine

Honeycomb briquette machine is a kind of molds punching type machine.It is mainly used to press coal powders, charcoal powders, gypsum powders in round and square shapes at different specification. This kind of honeycomb coal forming machine has been used in China for almost 80 years. And now, it is used in world markets. Honeycomb coal briquette machine has the advantages of full burned due to the holes on the briquettes. Less coal resources left after burned, just because of the special honeycomb shape design of the briquette. Dongfang Machinery can according to your requirements for you to customize your required products, customer demand as the first element, ensure the quality at the same time also provide good shopping service for you. Make you buy what you want products.

Features of the Honeycomb Briquette Machine

(1)Direct manufacture of 20 years experience,committed to briquette machines.

(2)Developed structure and professional technology.

(3)Customized shape and size of molds.

(4)First-class products, competitive price and perfect after-sale service

Preprocess before using honeycomb coal briquette machine

1.Crush the raw coal into powder.

2.Sift coal powder. Separate fine powder from larger pieces and return unqualified large pieces into

crusher again.

3.Mix the coal powder with mud and water at proper rate.

Please note not to add much water or the moulding of honeycomb briquette would be very difficult.

4.Feed the mixed material into the coal briquette machine and begin to make honeycomb briquette.

Technical references of Honeycomb Briquette Machine

Model Production Capacity Motor Power Specifications(round,square)
140A   45blocks/min 7.5kw R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
140B 50blocks/min 7.5kw R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
160 50blocks/min 7.5kw R 160mm(below),S 125*125mm(below)
180 50blocks/min 7.5kw R 180mm(below),S 150*150mm(below)
220 35blocks/min   11kw R 220mm(below),S 200*200mm(below)

Zhengzhou Dongfang Heavy Machinery have different kinds of charcoal briquette machine, such as charcoal extruder briquette machine, shisha charcoal tablet briquette machine, pillow shape briquette making machine.Please contact me freely if you are interested and I am always to help!


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