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Gypsum Ball Press Machine

Gypsum Ball Press Machine is also called desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine not only can be used to suppress gypsum, but can also be used to suppress iron powder, aluminum powder, slag, tailings, etc.

Material made by this ball press machine is energy conservation and environmental protection and convenient for transportation, which can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the transportation cost.

The desulfurization gypsum ball press machine with features of both high yield and high briquetting rate about 90% can compress desulfurization gypsum powder into one-time ball products with strong hardness without any help of adhesives. These products won't be broken easily during the transportation process and they will be used as the cement retarder to replace the natural gypsum.

Structure of Gypsum Ball Press Machine

1. Feeding section: mainly send the materials evenly into rollers, and then to main material mouth through screw feeder.

2. Transmission parts: mainly consists of electric motors, triangle strip, reducer, open gear, roll. Active and passive-axes are guaranteed synchronized movement through open gear. A hydraulic device is equipped behind the passive housing. In hydraulic overloading protective device, the high pressure oil is pressed into the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic pump,thus the piston makes axial displacement. Front connector of the piston rod is on the bearing pressure to meet production requirements.

Working Principle of Gypsum Ball Press Machine

Material evenly goes into the hopper of molding machine from the storage bin and by the quantitative equipment, and material evenly enters the middle of the roller through the adjusting of adjustment gate on the hopper. Twin-roller has the same rotation speed and direction. When the materials fall into the space between two rollers and bear strong extrusion from pressure, pressure changes from small to big, and the molding pressure reaches its peak in the attachment of roller center, after material passes the line, the molding pressure decreases rapidly to make material enter into the ball-dropping state and take off the ball smoothly.

Technical Data of Gypsum Ball Press Machine

Model Diameter of roller
Theoretical yield
Matching reducer Motor power(kw) Voltage regulating mode
GQ500 500 10 ZQ650 37 Mechanical
GQ650 650 12 ZQ750 45 Mechanical
GQ750 750 17 ZQ850 50 Mechanical
GQ850 850 20 ZQ1000 55 Mechanical or hydraulic regulation
GQ1000 1000 25-35 Allocation according to the demands 75-130 Hydraulic regulation


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