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Extrude Coal Briquette Machine

Extrude Coal Briquette Machine is the main equipment in the coal forming product line, mainly used for briquetting coal powder, coke powder, sludge, calcareousness, active carbon etc. This kind of machines has solved theproblems of the finished ball with low intension, mainly used in the field of metallurgy, chemical and so on. The forming parts is made of alloy steel, passed by heat treatment, hardness testing etc special craftwork.

Extrude Coal Briquette Machine (coal rods extruder machine) is produced by using the principle of screw extrusion. It is a kind of coal-rods molding machine which will compress the good-mixed coal power into a certain intensity predetermined shapes.

Extrude Coal Briquette Machine adopts hard tooth face reducer, small size, and high bearing capacity. The internal impeller blade of Coal rods extruder adopts the thick impeller design; the impeller and cylinder lining board adopts wear-resistant materials; the life span is 4-5 times longer than the ordinary material. The exit of the coal rods in the head part adopts replaceable wear resistance alloy steel, which is easy to exchange.

Features of Extrude Coal Briquette Machine

1. Stick shape with different diameter/shape;

2. The density, strength and hardness of final briquettes are very high;

3. Long service life of wearing parts increased from 10 hours to 4000hours;

4. 60% electricity cost reduction;

5. Production efficiency increase to 2-3 times;

6. High quality carbon,excellent quality carbin turned into special carbon; Carbon contents increased from 60% to 83%, extends the market both at home and abroad.

Technical Parameter of Extrude Coal Briquette Machine

Model MB140-1 MB180-1 MB220-1
Capacity ---Charcoal 400kg/h 800-1200kg/h 1200-2000kg/h
Capacity ---Coal 1.5-2t/h 2.5-3t/h 5-6t/h
Diameter (mm) 20-40 20-60 50-120
Motor power 11 kw 18.5kw 75kw
Weight 1.2t 2.5t 5t
Dimension 1.87*0.9*1.15 m 2.35*0.9*1.37 m  2.7*1.25*2 m


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