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Advantages and benefits of charcoal briquette machine

Date : 2018-01-26

1. This series of charcoal briquette machine has a reasonable design and a reliable manufacturing quality. It also has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, less occupation of the land, labor saving and power saving.

2. Because of the design of automatic control of electric heating device, users can adjust the dry materials randomly so as to ensure the materials are discharged stably. Eventually improve the work efficiency of charcoal briquettes making machine.

3. The main part of charcoal briquette machine adopts wear-resisting materials which through special processing, so it can be used to pressing production continuously and durable.

4. Charcoal briquetting machine has upgraded the three bearing movement of old type into four thus increase the stability and durability of the machine.

5. Amplify the screw pitch to increase the charging rate, thus improving the throughput of charcoal briquette press machine eventually.

In order to meet the requirements of material forming, the preloading spiral of charcoal briquetting machine adopts the electromagnetic timing electrical machine and the manual mode as its speed control mode. According to the balling requirements, users can change the rotation rate of the performer so charcoal briquette machine can reach the highest balling rate and the maximum production capacity. The pressed materials have to go through the screening machine, of which the qualified pellets can be packed, while the sieve residues return to the cabin and mix with the new materials for further briquetting.

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