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Coal Briquetting Plant

Date : 2018-01-26

Our complete briquette production line is customized in harmony with the specifics of a customer's raw materials, and production capacity, thus ensuring that the briquetting plant serves the customer to a satisfactory level. Moreover, we generously offer technical support to our esteemed clients.

Coal Briquetts Manufacturing Process

Common Feedstock for Coal Briquette Production Line

The following list outlines and elaborates further on the various materials that can be processed using the our coal briquette plant:

  • Coal Dust
  • Charcoal Dust
  • Coke Dust
  • Carbon Black
  • Mineral Powder (e.g manganese ore dust, nickel powder, silicon carbide)
  • Lime Powder
  • Other Powdery Material

    Final Coal Briquettes

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