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What kind of equipment does the coal briquetting production line need?

Date : 2018-01-23

The production line of briquetting presses requires the following equipment: Briquette to compound crusher, feeder, mixer, briquette press ball machine, drying machine, finished product.

1.Raw coal powder: coal or dust like coal with low calorific value, which can be made into lump coal after processing and forming coal, and can increase calorific value.

2.Composite crusher: block the bulk materials in pulverized coal, and make it more suitable for the full mixing of the lower pulverized coal.

3.Feeder: control the quantity of the whole production line, ensure the material to be even, and guarantee the feeding of the machine.

4. mixer: control of the whole production line to ensure uniform feeding and ensure molding machine uniform feeding. It also played a fine mix kneading.

5.Coal pressure ball machine: after mixing the briquette evenly, pressing it into balls to ensure the strength and density of briquette.

Drying machine: it is used to dry the moulded coal, and achieve the industrial or civil standard, that is the finished product.

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