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Green building system without adding Aerated concrete equipment products support

Date : 2012-12-23

      The modern green Aerated concrete equipment products building system, has a very important role in the implementation and development of the modern green aerated blocks equipment products building, but the domestic system is far from systematic and far from perfect. Green building features green building is the building life cycle to achieve efficient use of resources and energy, land, water, materials, solar and other clean renewable energy, and minimum impact on the environment of buildings. Below we take a brief look at the characteristics of the green Aerated concrete equipment products building.

      Modern green building has its own characteristics, its content is huge and covers a wide range. Green building is for people to provide a healthy, comfortable, safe place to live, work and living space, the full life cycle of the building at the same time (that is, the production and transportation of building materials, construction planning, design, construction, maintenance and demolition of construction materials back with the whole process) to achieve efficient use of resources (energy, land, water, materials), the minimum impact on the environment of buildings. The first thing to do outside the protection of the ecological environment, interference Nature minimum; Second, to achieve environmental protection, improve the health of people living on the indoor.

      New construction mode, green building a human, environmental and architectural symbiosis, sustainable development can not do without this architectural model plus gas brick support equipment products, Oriental Group is a company specializing in the production of Aerated concrete equipment manufacturers, production equipment sold at home and abroad, welcomed the investment aac production line manufacturers came to visit.

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