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Knowledge of Static pressure ball press machine cooling them in the workflow

Date : 2012-12-08

      Zhengzhou Dongfang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Over the years with commitment to pressure the ball machine equipment R & D and production, and all these years with tireless efforts, is to usher in a better ball press machine, so that our customers can buycheaper, more powerful pressure ball machine. Dongfang Machinery summarized knowledge about the cooling of Static pressure ball press machine workflow.

      The main characteristics of the Static pressure ball press machine for dedicated chemical industry, the Static pressure ball press machine is suitable for wet powder pressure ball, adding an appropriate proportion of water or other liquid adhesive material that takes low-pressure ball press machine for a variety of materials the repression have good effect. The cooling function of the hydrostatic pressure the ball machine can not only play the role of reducing pulverized coal temperature, but also allows the remaining water is evenly distributed in the pulverized coal, so as to achieve a better cooling effect. Because compression ball press machine process which the moisture content of the the overall materials within the machine has a considerable impact on the production effects of the pressure ball machine, so cooling the material we have to differentiate their water contained in, to pressure the ball machine production when the appropriate uniform procedures, so that the pressure ball machine to have better production.

      Ball Pressure machine molding knowledge, knowledge may be more popular, or maybe for some of my friends who are relatively unfamiliar However, not for their own lack of understanding caused worry about, we will be the best for everyone possible explanations: at what temperature molding pressure ball machine suppress critical normal circumstances, the most of the suppression of the material after the treatment temperature picked up in the land - about Qi Shi degrees , the temperature is usually lower than the drying out of the pulverized coal temperature, and therefore need to be cooled. So as to achieve the best compression molding This is simple to explain the cooling knowledge of hydrostatic pressure the ball machine.

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