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Learn the safe use of steam curing autoclave equipment key technologies

Date : 2012-12-22

      As well known steam curing autoclave pressure vessel equipment, steam curing autoclave equipment security applications and production core point about its safety performance. Only its security be safeguarded in order to better provide good service for the majority of users, but also for manufacturers to bring a wider market.

      However, the most important core technology of steam curing kettle can be used safely, steam curing kettle kettle body welding non-destructive testing techniques. The inspection and detection, the Dongyue people have done a lot of pressure vessel equipment, non-destructive testing technology to ensure that our nondestructive testing technology is the most advanced and most scientific.

      Nondestructive testing technology used in the manufacture and use of the pressure vessel, including conventional techniques-ray, ultrasound, magnetic particle, penetrate and acoustic emission, magnetic memory and other new technologies, and discusses their works, advantages and disadvantages of a range of applications.

      Zhengzhou Oriental specializing in the production of aerated concrete equipment, pressure the ball machine equipment, Ball mill equipment, Crusher equipment, etc., most professional technicians and maintenance personnel, to provide you with the highest quality equipment and after-sales service, we willdedicated service awaits you! need help and consultation please call Zhengzhou East 0371 -55,183,373

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