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Understand the classification and structural characteristics of the jaw crusher

Date : 2012-12-22

      Over the last decade, the jaw crusher has been widely used in the world. Sweden, the United States, Japan, Germany, Finland, the former Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, and other countries in the mass production and sale of various structural characteristics and technical performance jaw crusher, and the main shut-control components. Our of leaven stone machine research and development work, has attracted the attention of the majority of the scientific and technological workers, and efforts to promote the use of.

      A jaw crusher classification

      The world on the production of many kinds of jaw crusher. Divided by the working medium, pneumatic and hydraulic two types. Fixed and two mobile installation points. Mobile jaw crusher by the use of premises, open pit and underground mining jaw crusher. Impact energy, ordinary and energetic jaw crusher.

      Second, jaw crusher uses

      The jaw crusher is widely used in mining, quarrying, construction, metallurgy, railway, highway, city and bridge construction and other industrial sectors, as the mobile hydraulic jaw crusher in the mining tunnel and quarrying operations. In mining engineering, mainly used for the broken mining or quarrying operations time blasting the lump ores and rocks, the so-called secondary crushing. Mobile jaw crusher has the advantages of a mobile, flexible, suitable for different operating conditions and location. Slipped in the underground mining at the pound grizzly can be set to a fixed jaw crusher, used to a broken upper drunk grizzly chunk solve clogging fault affecting production. With compared to traditional recrushing law, has security, desirable economic efficiency to the advantages. For example, an equipment 3500n hydraulic gravel, broken chunk of ore or rock o.5m more. The ore hardness f = 6-7, secondary crushing cost than conventional drilling and blasting method low l / 3-1/2. A highly efficient crusher Agmentation up to 20M chunks of ore or rock. A piece of equipment can be equivalent to a production capacity of 200 people each equipped with 60kN sledgehammer. In addition, roadway excavation job in using the drill and blast method, instead of artificial reasonable method that is safe and economical.

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