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About the jaw crusher and the use of principle of work

Date : 2012-12-06

      The jaw crusher is the use of high-speed rotation of the hammer-impact materials, broken machinery so weak at along natural cracks, bedding planes and joints surface rupture. The jaw crusher is widely used in cement, coal preparation, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors, mainly used in hard and soft materials such as limestone, coal, coke, shale, chalk, gypsum, slag in , fine crushing.

      A lot of jaw crusher structure type, press the number of the rotary axis can be divided into two types of single rotor and double rotor; irreversible and reversible two categories can be divided according to the direction of rotation of the rotor; hammerhead arrangement divided into single-row and multi-row-two; connection of the hammer on the rotor can be divided into fixed hammer hammer and activities of two types of; according to different uses, divided into general-purpose and special-purpose two types. Specifications jaw crusher with a rotor diameter D and length L said. 2000mm กม 1200mm jaw crusher, the rotor diameter D = 2000mm, rotor length L = 1200mm. No matter what kind of jaw crusher, they are mainly dependent on impact to break material. Material fed into the crusher immediately crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotation of the hammer. Broken material obtained from the hammer at the kinetic energy of the high-speed impact to the inner wall of the cabinet liner and grate bars and a second broken. Since then, less than the the grate gap materials, begins with the gap discharge, larger particle size material spring back liner and grate bars of granular materials, will also be subject to the additional impact of the hammer broken material crushing the whole process, the material between the mutual impact crushed. Jaw crusher advantages: high productivity, crushing ratio, simple structure, compact size, less power consumption, uniform particle size, the less over crushed phenomenon, maintenance is simple, easy to repair and replacement of wearing parts. Jaw crusher Disadvantages: hammer, grate bars, linings, the rotor disc wear, especially when crushing hard materials, wear faster; containing more than 12% when the moisture content of the material to be broken or clay , its grate bars slit easily clogged, and the productivity is significantly decreased, and increase of energy consumption and the hammer and other wear parts.

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