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Heat supply is particularly important in the production of aerated brick equipment is essential

Date : 2012-12-22

      As the weather changes, the coming of winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, than other seasons to be placed on the outside of the device body temperature decreased faster, low temperature weather, the more heat boiler equipment. The aerated brick equipment into the production line, a device boiler equipment, and can be seen from the sub-surface means the role of the equipment, providing the whole aerated blocks equipment production line of heat. Of boiler equipment fuel is coal or wood into the production process, the need to constantly to the whole production line equipment to provide heat, you need a bigger heat in cold weather to complete this task.

      Aerated concrete equipment, steam curing autoclave equipment requires a lot of heat, ligand also need a good temperature steam curing process. Embryoid bodies during the construction period to ensure a certain temperature, this temperature boiler equipment also need to provide. All in all, no matter what equipment to provide heat, no heat supply must not be aerated brick production line equipment.

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