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Full use development is the inevitable trend of the pressure dome

Date : 2012-11-10

      Pressure ball machine full use and rapid development, pressure ball machine from the production line to build knowledge of the process to put into operation.

      Briquette press ball machine is generally used in the briquette press ball machine is designed according to the material properties of the briquette production capacity, compact, pressed uniform type ball, but the pressure on short time, the molding pressure of 20 ~ 50mpa This binder Crimp briquette is sufficient.

      Taking into account the needs of the whole briquette production line for the compaction of coal in shorter under pressure time and materials, with uniform cloth and feed regulating device. Pressed out of a full-type ball, the two pressure rollers should also be provided with corresponding axial and radial clearance-adjusting mechanism. Ball machine ball bowl shape and smoothness of the important factors that affect the success of demolding generally use the a thickness little pillow ball bowl. Since forming the ball is at 80 ~ 100mpa for, the binder uniform in the coal particles on the surface, but still a liquid film-like, so the briquette strength. Briquette press ball machine using cooled with air ventilation can transport briquette cooling briquette improve strength, but to shorten the transportation distance, reduce operation and Jincang the drop, and take the appropriate anti-crushing device. Some type ball unloading to pulverized coal conveyor operation, together with the pulverized coal to reduce the impact, and improve the whole ball rate. The above is the key technology of briquette briquette production line processing, you have to do a little understanding, you can play the briquette equipment should function.

      Pressure ball machine scale level is not high, this is the next single custom lead results difficult to improve production efficiency, capital stretched, the risk gradually increases, the promotion and application of new technologies is limited, so that the product quality can not give more high standards breakthrough. This is a development of mutual problems. Most of China's metallurgical industry lime powder before being abandoned, or changed into other uses, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources, more and more attention has been paid with the increasingly tense of resources and energy, the use of lime powder metallurgy industry. High-pressure powder metallurgy industry related institutes since 2002 to solve this problem through scientific research, that pressure ball machine will be out of the kiln powder pressed into a ball block for smelting use foreign steel mills and our Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel has been used.

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